Caricoin, The bitcoin wallet of the Caribbean

How Caricoin Works

Did you know that you could use your mobile phone to securely send and receive money to anyone around the world for free? Caricoin is a mobile application that uses bitcoin, the world’s leading digital currency, to instantly make online purchases, top up mobile phones and send money to anyone, anywhere at the touch of a button.


It only takes a few seconds to set your wallet up. Simply install the app, enter your personal information, and you’re good to go.



Mobile money has never been easier. Send and receive funds or pay for purchases at any one of thousands of online retailers now accepting bitcoin.


Instantly top up any mobile phone in the Caribbean with Caricoin’s easy-to- use top up feature. It’s quick, secure and has no added fees!

What is Bitcoin

Caricoin is your gateway to bitcoin, the new digital currency that is taking the world by storm. Bitcoins are simply digital tokens that you buy with regular currency and store in a digital wallet like Caricoin.

Bitcoins are untraceable and just like email you can instantly send them to anyone around the world without going through a bank, clearing house or other financial institution – making them safe, private and secure.

Bitcoins can be used in every country on the planet, and are accepted at leading online retail giants such as Amazon (via gift card), Overstock, Expedia and many more. You can use bitcoins to buy plane tickets, book hotel rooms, purchase equipment, top up mobile phones and almost anything else you can think of.

To find out more about Bitcoin and how you can use it, visit our FAQ.


Personal Banking in your Pocket


Mobile money done right

Regular financial institutions make it rather difficult for you to open a new account. With Caricoin you can create your bitcoin wallet in a few seconds, there are no questions asked and you can start moving money around right away.

Thanks to cutting edge technology, bitcoin transactions are completely secure and totally private. Your account cannot be seized or frozen, transactions can’t be traced and there are no set limits for sending and receiving bitcoin.

Personal Banking in your Pocket

Need to send mom a little mobile top up? Promised to buy your bestie something special for her birthday? Caricoin allows you to easily make payments or transfer funds between users, keeping you in total control of your money. No more waiting in line, filling out annoying forms or paying excess fees at the bank. Your Caricoin digital wallet is available to you 24/7, works anywhere in the world and is safe, secure and absolutely FREE.

Easy to Use

Using Caricoin is as simple as sending an email and as fast as your mobile phones connection.

No   Fees

Unlike other mobile money platforms, sending money with your Caricoin wallet is absolutely free.

Zero Cost Remittance

Relatives can send funds to your Caricoin wallet in a few simple steps, from anywhere around the world, at no cost.

Guaranteed Privacy

Bitcoin transactions aren’t linked to names or other personal information, so Caricoin users can exchange value in total privacy.

Online Shopping

Use your Caricoin wallet to pay for products and services at any of the thousands of participating online retailers.

Mobile Top up

Top up airtime on any mobile phone in the Caribbean in just seconds using Caricoin’s unique top-up feature.

Built for Bitcoin

Caricoin, The bitcoin wallet of the Caribbean

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