Art Marketplaces

Caricoins curated selection of the best NFT Art marketplaces on the market today, sorted by category.

Nifty Gateway

Nifty Gateway houses some of the most coveted digital art by some of the top digital artists. They are constantly selling out of exclusive collections. Nifty partners with top artists and creators to bring unique artwork to their platform, making some of the best NFT tokens around.


MakersPlace is a creator-focused marketplace that enables artists to make money from their work. They’re passionate about making it easy for artists to create unique crypto paintings that are secured through blockchain technology, allowing the artists to focus on their work and not worry about the technical details involved


SuperRare refers to itself as “Instagram meets Christie’s”, being a place to collect and trade single-edition art. Their pieces are created by an artist in their network and then tokenized with an NFT to enable purchasing and trading. Check out SuperRare for some of the best non-fungible token art money can buy. Before visiting SuperRare, let Tellinga create your original piece of art!

Foundation is a platform where creators can auction their artwork on the open market. You can become a buyer or collector immediately after signing in. To sell art through Foundation, you have to be invited or be voted in by the community.