Japan is slowly starting to warm up to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Some people claim the recent Bitcoin price increase is a direct result of this development. It is certainly true locals have taken notice of what cryptocurrency has to offer. The castle city of Hirosaki is now betting on Bitcoin to attract more tourists. An interesting turn of events,  to say the least.

The city of Hirosaki is embarking on a very bold plan that involves the Bitcoin cryptocurrency. This cryptocurrency will be used to attract international travelers moving forward. Additionally, Bitcoin will also be used to preserve local historic attractions. Relying on blockchain-based donations is a big step forward for Japan, that much is evident.

Hirosaki Sees Bitcoin As An Ally For Tourism

There are 2,600 cherry blossom trees in the city of Hirosaki that need to be preserved. Moreover, the stone wall of Hirosaki Castle is in need of preservation efforts as well. The city now looks toward bitcoin donations to help make this dream into a reality. Everyone who visits the city can contribute, although international financial support is more than welcome as well.

One thing Bitcoin can do well is form a bond between the contributor and the cause they are supporting. In this case, Hirosaki hopes to attract more tourists. Giving people a chance to donate and see how their money is being used is quite interesting. Anyone in the world can visit the city and see why the money is needed in the first place. Cross-border transfers through banks are both costly and time-consuming, which often leads to fewer donations overall.

It is worth noting Hirosaki is not in dire need of cash. The project should be seen as an experiment to promote tourism to the region. Should this venture prove to be successful, it will greatly benefit the Japanese city. Reparation of the castle wall has already begun several years ago. However, preserving the cherry blossom trees is an ongoing struggle. Hirosaki has been accepting Bitcoin donations since April 20th thanks to a partnership with the Japanese Coincheck exchange. So far, just over one Bitcoin has been received in donations.

Source: Newsbtc.com

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