The expansion of Stripe has not gone by unnoticed, as the service is now available in no less than 25 countries.

France is a country of conflicts and odd decisions at times. Albeit the Front National wants to ban Bitcoin altogether, yet Fintech startup Stripe is now available in the country. Among the many supported payment options for Stripe, customers are Apple Pay, Alipay, and Bitcoin.

The expansion of Stripe has not gone by unnoticed, as the service is now available in no less than 25 countries. Many investors and financial experts see the company as one of the last ‘unicorns’ in the Fintech sector, thanks to their US$5bn valuation at the time of writing.

Stripe Supports Bitcoin and Mobile Payments

What Stripe does is make it a lot easier for retailers and merchants to accept a wide variety of payment options. So far, the solution supports 130 different fiat currencies, as well as modern payment methods such as Android Pay, Bitcoin, and Apple Pay. A great solution for merchants in France, despite the plans by Front National to ban Bitcoin as a currency.

One-click payments are becoming more important in the world as we know it, and merchants have to acknowledge consumer needs. However, given the plethora of payment methods available, it is becoming difficult to make choices as to which solutions to support. With Stripe, most of the concerns are alleviated, and retailers can accept all popular solutions at once.

But there is more to the Stripe solution, as it is not just about payments. The company also offers invoicing support, as well as accounting tools for all of their customers. Having such an all-in-one solution is of great value to every merchant looking to expand into the world of modern payments.

It is worth noting the launch of this company in France was only a matter of time, as the complete solution has been in testing for over a year. Moreover, several thousands of companies started building on top of the Stripe platform already, Now that the service has launched signing up will take mere minutes to get access to all of the features.

Moreover, this creates additional use cases for Bitcoin payments in the country. Considering how Stripe supports Bitcoin, it will still be up to the merchant to enable this type of payment or not. But the option is there for everyone who is looking to venture into the world of cryptocurrency payments.

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