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ICO NameSharkRace
Start DateMay 16, 2022
End DateMay 16, 2022
1 Month ago

SharkRace is a NFT project with a rarity upgrade and Play-to-earn metaverse 3D Game.

Self-Reported TagsMarketplacePlatformVR/ARCollectibles & NFTsGamingStakingBNB Smart ChainPlay To EarnWeb3OxbullSeedify

Very soon you will be able to choose yourself 🤪

Yep, we are talking about cards in our Shark Battle. After we launch it you will be able to try them all in action. 🎯

More about cards:

Shark Battle will impress you 🔥

In the infographic you can see how much time and effort we put into Shark Battle, and that’s not all, we are still working 🦈👾

Stay tuned, because we start counting days before release of our second beta!

A heaty week for our Shark Battle Game devs🔥🤪🎮

Last touch-ups before launch! The build is coooooming!
We’re finishing the leaderboard development and Combat log right this moment.

While Andrew is polishing the sequence of effect (on the video).
#NFTCommunity #gamefi #P2E

Hey, sharks!
Bitcoin tumbled below $24,000 early this morning. This is just another alarm for us in terms of the IDO. A vivid example of the market instability our boss Alex has been talking about in the recent video.

“You (as a community) actually never see her work being done, but it’s there” 😌

We are talking about our website master – Ann! 👩🏼‍💻She’s like a Picasso – working day and night to create a perfect and useful website for you!

👉🏻 read more about our team:

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