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ICO NameLunaFi
Start DateJune 01, 2022
End DateJune 02, 2022
3 Weeks ago

LunaFi is a leading decentralized and peerless DeFi betting protocol — providing users with a secure and trustless environment in which they can gamble, invest, and for the first time ever, become the house

By harnessing the power of the decentralized technologies, community governance, and autonomous smart contracts — we allow users to securely place peerless bets in a trustless, non-custodial betting platform that is set to revolutionize the global sports betting industry by allowing the player to invest and become the house.

To facilitate this, we provide a complete DeFi platform designed to enable the integration of sports betting and prediction markets, powered by a protocol and community-owned liquidity pool known as a House Pool. This suite can be integrated by developers looking to add peerless betting functionalities to their dApps — the first of which will be LunaFi’s own dApp, Lunabets, a decentralized sports book application.

Lunabets is non-custodial utilizing LunaFi’s smart contracts and liquidity pools to ensure trustless payouts, meaning there is an immediate settlement made by the smart contract to the winning party, removing all counterparty risk. End users can utilize Lunabets to place bets in the knowledge that their wager is not only guaranteed to pay out from our liquidity pools and smart contract, but is odds optimized and oracle confirmed, if they win.

Poker Tournament tomorrow! Join on to find out how to enter. 🎲

🥇1st Place- $150 Eth and $50 Lunebets credit

🥈2nd Place- $100 Eth and $50 Lunebets credit

🥉 3rd Place- $50 Eth and $50 Lunabets credit

Breaking News🔥

👀Coinbase rolls out Polygon support for transfers of $ETH, $USDC and $MATIC

🔥@0xPolygon becomes the first scaling network of its kind supported by @coinbase for transferring those crypto assets.

What happens if the yield is higher in @AAVE than LunaFi House Pools? It won’t be as we are working with http://Vesper.Finance to automatically lend spare liquidity to other protocols. #Winning

Crypto Sportsbook http://esportsbet.Io claims to have $10M in reserves & can pay a 10% yield, but the wallet they share has $1. All smoke and mirrors – all centralised. Support claims it just hasn’t been updated. 🤔 This is why we’re building LunaFi

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