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ICO NameDexCheck
Start DateJune 20, 2022
End DateJune 25, 2022
in 2 hours

[DexCheck]( helps you with Real time DeFi / NFT Analytics and Insights to be ahead of the game. Know your way around trading Crypto currencies and NFTs to make decision based on knowledge with DexCheck

# DexCheck Platform Features:

**Chain Board:** ChainBoard provide users access to cognitive intelligence feed on network data metrics of the top-tier blockchains

**NFT Board:** NFT Board empowers users to explore and track trending NFTs with real-time trading volumes. Users can evaluate NFTs for their trend analysis, historical charts and previous transactions history.

**DexSwap:** DexSwap enables users to trade on several DEXs with the most suitable rate getting favourable results each time.

**Charts:** Our real-time charts permits users to track performance of their favourite coins along with getting history and other relevant data in a visually aesthetic and organized manner

**New Tokens:** New Tokens feature showcases the newly listed tokens on different DEXs enabling users to find the real hidden gems avoiding ponzi schemes

**Big Trades:** With Big Trades feature, users can keep themselves updated when a whale buy or sell a token enabling them to stay ahead of the game

**Wallet Tracking:** Manage, track, copy, and save the most profitable wallets all in one place.

**DexTAX:** Taking care of your crypto taxes to ensure a hassle-free crypto experience. Whether its an accurate crypto tax report, inventory tracking, or transaction organizing you want to get hold of- DexTax accommodates it all.

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🚀#DexCheck continues to soar through heights as we onboard remarkable strategic partners!

👀Today, we are ecstatic to announce our newest partner @EagleRCapital!

✅Eaglerise Capital is a community-driven venture capital that helps new projects in marketing and raising capital!

🔥#DexCheck continues to roll!

🚀Your team is proud to announce its newest partnership venture with @AvStarCapital!

✨#AVStar is a research-driven #VentureCapital focused on DeFi, Web 3.0 Infra, NFT & Gaming!

💯This partnership will surely bring active community to $DXCHECK!

“In the midst of every crisis, lies great opportunity.”

During bear markets, your fundamentals are your sword and shield. Continue establishing useful platforms. Improve services. Build opportunities.

Food for thoughts from the man himself @cz_binance.

#BNB #Binance

CZ 🔶 Binance@cz_binance

Build and build.

✨What’s up, #DexCheck junkies! Get ready for another major news!

📢@DexCheck_io is proud and excited to announce that it will conduct an IDO on @LunaPadOfficial!

📌#LunaPad is a peer to peer innovative #Launchpad bridging through a Multi-Blockchain ecosystem!


🔐DexCheck prioritizes not only real-time data accessibility, but also our users’ privacy!

✅ To help detect bugs and other security vulnerabilities, our #SmartContracts will be fully audited by a trusted, external Audit Company!

🧐Securing your data, transactions, & wallets!

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