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ICO NameCaduceus
Start DateJune 13, 2022
End DateJune 14, 2022
1 Week ago

Caduceus is the first metaverse protocol with decentralized edge rendering, dedicated to providing infrastructure layer of metaverse development. Caduceus is equipped with features such metaverse sandbox editor, XR extended reality technology and EVM compatible. It provides an easy adoptable ecosystem for Metaverse developers and creators.

Founded and developed by a group of international investors and blockchain experts, Caduceus has brought together a range of talent to oversee this ambitious project.

Introducing ‘Nova’, the first Caduceus Community NFT, limited to just 1500 for valued community members
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The rankings are in for the Caduceus Content Creation Competition! We have a winner! #Caduceus #NFTs #MetaverseNFT

If you’re looking for some inspiration on what to play, @dotesports have rounded up their top 10 VR games to download to your headset! 🕹

Check them out 👉

#VR #Virtualreality #Blockchain #Caduceus

🎨 Fan Art Fridays continues!

We’ve put together our favourites ready for voting 🏆

Join our Discord community to get involved and vote! –

#Fanartfriday #Caduceus #Community


Modeling a #Metaverse world requires lots of computing power to render.

The #computing power and rendering provided by decentralized edge rendering #technology can build a #Metaverse with a stronger user experience.

#Web3 #Defi #Caduceus

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