How to Top-Up your Mobile Phone

Need some credit? Top-up your prepaid mobile using Caricoin’s easy-to- use feature.

1. Go to the main screen of your Caricoin wallet and locate the Top-Up icon in the lower right hand corner of the frame. Click the icon to access the top-up screen.

2. From the top up screen, you can choose to either top up your own number by clicking on “Use my number” or enter a new number in the space provided. You will need to enter the new number twice to confirm.

3. Click “Continue” to proceed to the pre-paid package options.

4. Choose the $ amount that you would like to top up and click to select it.

5. Click “Continue” to proceed to the confirmation page. Then click Continue to confirm OR press the back arrow at top left corner of screen to go back and edit.

6. Once the process is confirmed, a “Top-up completed” message will appear on screen. Click “Continue” to return to your wallet’s main screen.

7. Success! The credited phone will receive a text message from the network provider confirming the top-up.

If you need any assistance we are here to help. Please contact us with any questions at

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